Real-time Dynamic Signal Analysis, Control, and Measurement

Cognitive Vision designs and manufactures portable instrumentation for real-time dynamic signal analysis, control, and measurement. We make advanced technology signal analyzers, fiber optic tachometer sensors, and instruments for torsional vibration and balancing measurement.

For more than three decades, these quality instruments have been the favored choice of skilled technicians, operators and design engineers. Around the world, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and militaries (foreign and domestic) have depended upon these systems for accurate, rugged, and reliable performance.

When Performance is Paramount

There has yet to be a dynamic sensor invented that cannot be accommodated by a Cognitive Vision test and measurement instrument (review our product line). Our dynamic signal analyzers and fiber optic tachometers have been successfully used to solve problems in a wide variety of applications such as:

· Acoustics
· Biochemical measurements
· Data acquisition or import
· Data modeling and visualization
· Electronics and communications
· Forensic analysis
· Noise and vibration analysis
· Physical testing
· Rotational equipment
· Structural analysis
· Thermal analysis

How Do We Add Value?

Our name says it all - at Cognitive Vision, we apply forward thinking, along with a disciplined engineering approach, to solving complex technical problems. Each of our portable signal analysis instruments is designed specifically to three criteria: (1) ultra-high performance, (2) exceptionally rugged reliability and durability, and (3) innovative technologies that lead the industry.

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