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Cognitive Vision offers a suite of quality dynamic signal analysis instruments, including our torsional converter, signal analyzer, engine vibration and balance analyzer, and fiber optic tachometers. For over thirty years, these rugged "field tough" machines have been respected as the premier instruments of choice when versatility and reliable performance are paramount.

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CV100 CV-mini™ Signal Analyzer with DynamicPRO™ Software
CV300D DynamicPRO™ Signal Analyzer
CV610E BalanceTracker™ Engine Vibration and Balance Signal Analyzer
CV610E-GTM Gas Turbine Maritime BalanceTracker™ Engine Vibration and Balance Signal Analyzer
CV430 TachPRO II™ Fiber Optic Tachometer
CV430GT TachPRO II™ Fiber Optic Tachometer System for Gas Turbines
CV430GTM TachPRO II™ Fiber Optic Tachometer System for Maritime Gas Turbines
CV440 PhaseTracker™ Fiber Optic Tachometer System
Torsional Converters
CV250 TorsionPRO Torsional Converter

The Product Legacy

Below is a brief list of some of the legacy products for which we provide maintenance, calibration and repair services:

  • SD101B Tracking Filter
  • DD112 Tracking Filter
  • SD210 Spectra Tester
  • SD222 Portable 2-Ch Analyzer
  • SD301C Spectrum Analyzer
  • SD330A Spectrum Analyzer
  • SD340 Micro FFT Analyzer
  • SD345 Spectrascope III
  • SD375 Dynamic Analyzer II
  • SD380 Signal Analyzer
  • SD385 NOMAD Portable
  • SD390 DynamicPRO Analyzer
  • SA395 DynamicPRO Analyzer
  • CV395 DynamicPRO Signal Analyzer
  • SD430 TachPRO Tachometer
  • SA610 BalancePRO Analyzer

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