CV610E BalanceTracker™ Engine Vibration and Balance Analyzer

The Perfect Maritime or On-Wing Instrument for Vibration Analysis and Engine Balancing

The simplest method of balancing aero and aero-derivative engines is through the use of the CV610E BalanceTracker™. The CV610E is the next generation replacement system for the SPS610 and CV610 BalancePRO. With its internal lithium-ion battery and being quite light-weight, it is ideal for on-wing engine maintenance. Its wide selection of engine adapter kits provide easy color-coded connections for virtually every engine made, including not only non-AVM equipped aircraft, but those equipped with on-board vibration monitoring systems as well.

The BalanceTracker™ system guides you through a simple five-step process, using pre-existing configuration files that describe every aspect of the engine to be balanced. These files contain the number of weight locations, direction of rotation, number of weights by part number, and many other details that other systems require you to enter at each balance session. With BalanceTracker™, the only number you need to know is the engine serial number for archive and data storage purposes.

Results are fast and accurate - one run balance solutions can be achieved with the use of pre-existing sensitivity files (influence coefficients). Also, the system can generate engine specific sensitivity files with as few as two runs from multiple sensors. Where practical, simultaneous solutions for multiple plane applications are also possible.

The system provides a balance solution not just for one speed, but for the entire speed range from points spaced as tightly as 25RPM intervals. It uses the unique "transient capture" method of data collection invented by GE Aero Engines, and eliminates the need to hesitate at these speed points during acceleration or deceleration of the engine.

BalanceTracker™ is equally as versatile in the test cell as well as on the tarmac. The auto sensing power supply can operate from 50/60Hz or 400Hz line frequencies or internal DC power. The healthy internal power supply bridges the transition from shore power, to APU, to engine power without missing a beat. When portability is not a factor, order the rack-mount version.

Some of the main benefits of the CV610E are:

  • Minimum engine runtime
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Test occupancy time is reduced
  • Accurate one-shot balance solution
  • Rapid return of equipment to service

If your need is for vibration survey only, the unit has a dedicated vibration survey program that provides concise, full-screen graphical vibration survey data from multiple sensors during both acceleration and/or deceleration runs.

Originally designed for aero or aero-derivative engines, the CV610E BalanceTracker™ has been very successfully utilized in many other applications, including centrifuges, 4-WD drive trains, and complex Navy machinery. The CV610E-GTM (review data sheet) is a customized version of the BalanceTracker™ that is specific to the LM2500 series gas turbine engine. This engine is used for the ship's prime mover for propulsion on the Spruance (DD963) Class, Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG7) Class, Ticonderoga (CG47) Class, Kidd (DDG993) Class, and Arleigh Burke (DDG51) Class, as well as the AOE6 Class supply ships.

The bottom line - for machinery that is balance sensitive, professional engineers prefer the CV610E BalanceTracker™ (review data sheet).

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