CV300D DynamicPRO™ Signal Analyzer

Introducing the NEW Standard in the Signal Analyzers with Higher Performance

Cognitive Vision's flagship product is the CV300D DynamicPRO™ signal analyzer. This very high-speed multi-channel FFT spectrum analyzer continues to meet or exceed your vibration and sound measurement needs, and represents over a 30-year evolution in analyzer technologies. When high real-time rate, FFT analysis and cross property measurements are needed, the CV300D is the unit of choice by skilled operators, technicians, and design engineers worldwide.

The unit is housed in a rugged, portable light weight enclosure. It can operate from either external AC power or an internal battery system for over eight hours. Orbits, balancing, transfer function, correlation, and octave displays are crisply presented, and data are stored in a format that allows for rapid report generation. Inputs for acceleration, velocity, and displacement signals are properly conditioned, and either differentiated or integrated into other units. Additionally, normal mechanical impedance functions are available for both rotational machinery and structural (modal) analysis tasks.

There is yet to be a dynamic sensor invented that the CV300D DynamicPRO™ signal analyzer cannot accommodate, and it can extract more information from your sensor's signal than any other measurement system available. This versatile instrument have been used in a wide variety of data acquisition and import applications including rotating machinery, noise and vibration analysis, acoustics, thermal and structural analysis, electronic and biochemical measurements, forensic analysis, and physical testing.

  Some of the main features of the CV300D are:

  • 4 to 16 channels plus external trigger / tachometer input
  • Frequency ranges from dc to 100 kHz
  • DC or AC coupling plus IEPE
  • 0.001 Vrms to 20 Vrms input range
  • A familiar face in DynamicPRO software but with substantial improvements in performance
  • Optional MIL-STD-810G notebook computer

This single instrument will rapidly become your most valuable diagnostic asset (review data sheet). Shouldn't your shop own one today?

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