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Getting the most out of your instrument investment is key. We offer operational "hands-on" training seminars in the use of our analyzer systems. These seminars are taught by experienced analyzer experts, and are as useful to the seasoned pro, as they are to the novice technician.

All system features and benefits, as well as professional operating tips are covered in thorough detail. We also provide customized on-site training to help your technical staff obtain the maximum benefit from your instrument.

Our training class covers elements of setup, execution, and analysis using our DynamicPRO™ and BalancePro™ analyzer models. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Basics of dynamic signals produced by vibration, sound, pressure, electrical signals, etc.
  • Dynamic signal analyzer principles of operation, analytical methods, and terminology
  • Setup of analyzers for signal acquisition and analyzer displays
  • Setup and use of time displays, frequency displays, transfer functions, and waterfall displays
  • Setup and operation of specialized measurements and optional measurements including synchronous time average, impact response, data preparation for modal/structural/acoustic visualization programs, octave analysis, and more.
  • Operation and use of DDE functions
  • Coverage of special topics such as microphone functions, piezoelectric transducer functions, and other sensors as they relate to use with a dynamic analyzer.

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