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What's New?

NEW Products:

In 2012 the company has introduced a higher bandwidth capability to our signal analyzers plus continued to improve DynamicPRO software. DynamicPRO software is now at version 5.2 with the addition of several new features. We should not forget that in 2011, we introduced a new tachometer, the CV440 Phase Tracker, and several new signal analyzers. With the introduction of both new hardware architectures and a new version of the DynamicPRO signal analyzer software, it will continue to broaden the capabilities offered to our customers worldwide.

Our new products are listed below and you can expect more product introductions throughout 2011 and 2012:

  • CV300 DynamicPRO Signal Analyzer (2-16 channels, both portable and rack-mount)
  • CV440 PhaseTracker Tachometer System
  • CV610D-BT BalanceTracker Engine Vibration and Balance Analyzer
  • CV610D-GTM MarineTracker Engine Vibration and Balance Analyzer

NEW Locations and Organization:

Also in 2011, the company has reorganized into two operations to better serve our customers. For a number of years our customer service employees typically endured a long daily commute. We have now located our customer service operation along with legacy aftermarket product sales in Chula Vista and under the name of CV Legacy Instruments, while new product development and sales has also moved to Chula Vista in 2015 as we ramp back up at the address as noted throughout this web site.

CV Legacy Instruments is located at:

2240 Main Street, Suite 7, Chula Vista, California 91911

Tel: (619) 781-8240 / Fax: (619) 781-8245

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