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What's New?

NEW Products:

In 2020 the company has introduced a much higher bandwidth capability to our signal analyzers plus continued to improve DynamicPRO software. Each channel of the new signal analyzers have a 200-k 24-bit sample rate. The sample rate will grow over time to a much higher number. Even at 200-k samples per second, the user can begin to detect such things as early signs of parts becoming worn. DynamicPRO software is now at version 5.4 with the addition of several new features. With the introduction of both new hardware architectures and a new version of the DynamicPRO signal analyzer software, it will continue to broaden the capabilities offered to our customers worldwide.

Our new products are listed below and you can expect more product introductions throughout 2020 and 2021:

  • CV300D DynamicPRO Signal Analyzer (2-16 channels, both portable and rack-mount)
  • CV610E-BT BalanceTracker Engine Vibration and Balance Analyzer
  • CV610E-GTM Gas Turbine MaritimeTracker Engine Vibration and Balance Analyzer

NEW Location and Organization:

Also in 2020, the company has reorganized into one operation to better serve our customers.

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