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Our Principles

Guiding Philosophy

Values and Beliefs:

  • Loyalty to our customers, employees and investors is first and foremost.
  • Integrity is not to be compromised; be honest, consistent and fair.
  • Commitments made are to be fulfilled.
  • Teamwork should prevail; think 'we' not 'I'.
  • The Golden Rule applies to all.
  • Creativity, imagination and innovation are valued attributes.
  • Engineering excellence in everything we do.
  • Help our people to realize their full potential.
  • Build our organization for the long term.


We are in the signal and image processing business. We use advanced software and hardware technologies to create innovative systems and products.

Our Plan


  1. Become a preeminent worldwide supplier of signal analyzers and related instrumentation for industrial, defense, and law enforcement applications.
  2. Expand into other areas of advanced signal processing services.


  • We will leverage emerging technologies to be an industry leader for innovative new products and technically superior solutions.
  • We will be recognized as being cutting edge in signal processing technology.
  • We will outmaneuver the 'elephants' by being very nimble and responsive.

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Telephone: 1.858.529.1075
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